This faucet is sending intentionally a random small amount.

Current balance:

Please recycle signet coins. When done testing send them to any of the following addresses:

The blocks on Signet network are not really mined, but rather just signed and their timing is a poisson distribution which is used in order to resemble the average timing of blocks on the main Bitcoin network.

Do not use Testnet addresses here. Testnet and Signet use the same address format and the coins sent to your Testnet address will need to be redeemed by importing the private key (or sweeping it) on to Signet (works well in Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, Signet Web Wallet or Bitcoin Core).

See an example Caddyfile for Caddy2 web server serving also an efficient Tor hidden service.

Git repository of this POSIX-shell reimplementation of bitcoin-faucet is hosted on GitHub.